About Us

About Us

We produce contemporary hand embroidered body adornments for couture fashion, and offer a high-quality, bespoke service. We are amongst a small number of students graduating from a unique degree program of traditional hand embroidery training alongside a strong design focus that encourages us to push our skills in an innovative way. We have a vast knowledge of traditional embroidery techniques which can be applied to contemporary fashion trends and utilised with a fresh new approach. With three years of training in this field, alongside extensive industry experience, our skill set is unique and of a very high standard. Therefore, our pieces cannot be replicated, and are completely original. This is why we support an ethical standpoint of buying less and buying better and would like to promote a change to the fast fashion culture. Our work is about treasuring and nurturing the British craftmanship of hand embroidery and gaining support for trained practitioners like ourselves. We would like to show the skill level and quality of embroidery that can be produced here in London and demonstrate how traditional embroidery can be seen in a contemporary fashion context.

Charlie Ellis

My practice is concept led and explores technology and experimentation. I often start with photography and the digital enhancement of the photos I take. This means my work is always original and well developed. Using technology means I work with unusual materials and enjoy pushing the boundaries of the fabrics I use, including 3D printed surfaces. My colour palette is informed by the imagery I collect and is often bold and includes pop colours. This compliments the aesthetic I work with, an aesthetic that is well structured, explores distortion of the body and produces unusual shapes in garments. My extensive knowledge of traditional embroidery techniques is challenged throughout my project to produce contemporary, innovative pieces. My embroidery explores different scales and densities meaning the stitch often informs the structure of the fabric and shape of garments.

Abigail Noronha

I take a strong painterly approach to my design, working large scale with a lot of freedom and movement. I have an abstract design style, looking to obstruct and alter my original source imagery through expressive drawings that focus on developing and experimenting with lines. I work a lot with a tonal approach to colour, taking strong consideration over how my palettes are developed. I prefer to work with simple source imagery that I can then develop through my colour choices, adding depth and interest. With my embroidery I take a textural approach to mimic my style of painting, working a lot with fabric collage, smocking, and layering. Following my line experimentation through from drawing to fabric, I also work a lot with developing new ways of translating a line in various embroidery methods.


Industry Experience

September 2017 - Hussein Chalayan SS18 - Beading using Swarovski crystals on headpieces and statement garments.

November 2017 - Alexander McQueen - Beading using pearls for Serena Williams’ wedding Cape.

December 2017 - February 2018 - Jasper Conran AW18/19 - Beading and smocking on pleated garments. Hand sewing hems on skirts.

(Charlie) June-September 2018 - Pam Hogg SS19 - Goldwork hand embroidery on various garments.

(Abigail) June-September 2018 - Wanbing Huang SS19 - Hand embroidered fabric manipulation on various garments.

(Abigail) January 2019 - Cottweiler AW19 - Hand embroidery on various garments and accessories.

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